Campus Life

Inclusivity & Positivity

A campus lifestyle encourages our students to discover God's plan for their lives.

Our campus provides opportunity for exploration that transcends the course of study in the classroom. Students learn how to express themselves, respect others and work toward a common goal, while developing their God-given gifts and talents.

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Faith Development

We believe that all education must lead to the development of a mature faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ through his Church and sacraments.

Emphasis is placed on instruction in the classroom, a common prayer life, participation in the Sacred Liturgy, the sacraments, community ministry and Christian service.


Mass is celebrated in the Chapel several times each week, on Holy Days, and at various times throughout the school year. Students are required to attend monthly all-school Masses. Students serve in music ministry, and as lectors, ushers, altar servers, and Eucharistic Ministers.


The Community Ministry Service Program provides students the opportunity to share their time and talents with the community. All students are expected to complete a total of 100 hours in their four-year career at Archbishop McCarthy High School.


Archbishop McCarthy High School’s mission of educating tomorrow’s leaders is reinforced through daily Theology classes following the curriculum provided by the United States Bishops, teaching the treasures of the Roman Catholic Faith.


This office seeks to work with the entire school community in developing and implementing the spiritual purpose and mission of the school by offering each student an organized spiritual program, which with God’s grace, leads to a closer encounter with God.

The Arts

Be a part of an award-winning fine arts department and express yourself through your artistic talent!

Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School offers courses during school, as well as numerous after-school activities. We urge you to use your God-given talents and audition to become a member of one of our incredible programs. 

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Speech & Debate

The objective of the Speech & Debate program is to increase students’ understanding of argument, critical thinking, and public speaking through a myriad of current event-related debate, speech, and interpretive activities. Students compete at district, state, and national level competitions and become members of the national honor society, National Speech and Debate Association.

Arguably the Best!


The award-winning Drama program offers many opportunities for students interested in acting, singing, dancing, directing, stage managing, and technical work. During the school day, our curriculum consists of Introduction to Drama, Drama II, Acting I, Drama III Honors, and Theater Direction. Annually, the drama program produces two main stage plays, a one-act, and the community service play.

In addition, we are a member of the International Thespian Society which competes at a state and district level. We are also a member of the Cappies program where students critique local high school theater and have the opportunity to be published in local papers. Actors have the opportunity to be nominated by the Cappie Critics and participate in the annual awards gala at the Broward Center of the Performing Arts. Some of our previous productions include A Few Good Men, Bus Stop, Grease, The Crucible, Little Shop of Horrors, Twelve Angry Men and The Diary of Anne Frank. In 2020, The Diary of Anne Frank won Best Play, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Ensemble, and Best Stage Manager.

In the Spotlight!

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program offers students the opportunity to work in a studio setting, focusing on two and three-dimensional art techniques and materials. Courses are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels incorporating visual art language, art appreciation, as well as unique experiences in collaboration and artistic expression. Students display their artwork throughout the year and participate in juried community art exhibits.

Picture Yourself An Artist!

Digital Arts

The Digital Art program combines technology with creativity and enables students to develop basic skills using professional design applications to create Digital Artwork, Creative Photography, or Animation. In Digital Art students learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to edit photography, composite images, create stunning visual graphics and original illustrations for print or web use. In Creative Photography, students explore the aesthetic foundations of art-making using beginning photography techniques. This course focuses on capturing digital photography and creatively editing and creating visual art using various apps. In Visual Technology students learn about interactive design, animation, and motion graphics using Adobe Animate, Stop Motion Studio and iMovie. These classes take place in our state-of-the-art Mac Lab. A student interested in digital art can also join the school’s Digital Art Club or AMP Journalism Club.

Where creativity comes to life!


The Instrumental Music program consists of a Concert Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Band. These groups meet on a weekly basis to rehearse their musical repertoire in preparation for numerous school and community performances. Each of these instrumental groups performs at different venues throughout the school year, including our school’s home football games, Open House, and Christmas and Spring Concerts. The Band Program is affiliated with the Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA). Students are given the opportunity to participate in state music competitions and adjudicated performances to enhance their individual skills as performers.

And the Beat Goes On!


The Dance program enables students to develop knowledge and skills in varied dance styles through the acquisition of technique, choreographic skill, aesthetic awareness, and performance quality within cultural and historic content. Students develop dance skills such as coordination, motor memory, and fine and gross motor skills. Students master movement principles and techniques to enable them to move expressively, efficiently, and safely.

We Like to Move It, Move It!


Discipline, hard work and sportsmanship breed victory.

12 Team State Championships

43 Team Regional Championships

109 Team District Championships

Our athletic department is dedicated to providing every student-athlete with a coaching staff that is committed to developing a strong sense of sportsmanship and teamwork along with the enhancement of their athletic ability, never forgetting that academic achievement is at the forefront of success.

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Fall sports contact list


Valentina Artemeva


Melanie Cajuso


Student Government

Build your leadership skills.

The purpose of student government is to build a sense of Maverick Pride within our school and to enhance student leadership skills. Students can run for various positions to be on the SGA board for their grade level, as well as on the Executive Board. The Student Government organizes class and school-wide fundraisers. They are also responsible for organizing student oriented events such as pep rallies, Homecoming Week and the Senior Prom.

Community Service

Share your time and talent with the community.


All students are expected to complete a total of 100 community service learning project hours in their four-year career at Archbishop McCarthy High School. Community service-learning is an integral part of our Christian formation program in all of our Theology courses. The total number of service hours completed by seniors over all four years of high school are reported to the Florida Department of Education in consideration for Florida Bright Futures Scholarship and may be reported to other organizations such as Florida Gold Seal, honor societies, etc.


This ministry exists to promote and to organize our school community’s sacred liturgy and prayer life. Students and all members of our school community respond to their baptismal call by participating actively in the preparation and organization of liturgical functions. Students are invited to serve as lectors, ushers, altar servers, and upon receiving proper instruction, as Eucharistic Ministers. As liturgical ministers, students, through periodic meetings and other extracurricular activities, promote the sense of sacredness in worship, while continuing to exemplify and give witness to a life centered in Christ and his Church.


This is an ensemble that exists to provide musical accompaniment to worship. It consists of both singers as well as musicians of all kinds. Students rehearse weekly and provide music for Mass and other Campus Ministry related events.


This is a ministry that has as its mission the promotion of the care and respect for life in all its forms, from conception to natural death. This mission is accomplished through participation by students in events that raise public awareness and educate the student body on life issues. Members of Respect Life Ministry plan and conduct events such as Respect Life Week, the Walk For Life, Prayer Chains, diaper drives, and the Grandparents Mass and Breakfast.


Helping the Elderly Live Purposefully – this is a ministry that allows the students to interact with senior citizens in the community. Students visit the nursing home twice a month and minister to non-ambulatory elderly persons. The group engages the nursing home residents in conversation; play games with them and provide entertainment through singing, dancing, and skits. Students also prepare holiday crafts and deliver them to the nursing home during the different seasons. The HELP ministry allows students to gain a close and respectful relationship with senior members of our society as well as opportunities to encounter God while ministering to others.

Clubs & Groups

With over 40 clubs & groups to choose from, we offer something for everyone!

Get involved – there is something for everyone! The hardest decision will be which ones to choose because there are so many. Download the complete list and start thinking about how you are going to get involved!

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The Maverick Magazine!

Last year, Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School celebrated 25 years of excellence in Catholic education. To commemorate this milestone, we created The Maverick, our Archbishop McCarthy bi-annual Magazine, sharing our history, our accomplishments, and a preview of what is still to come as we continue to advance the mission of our school.

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